The Cure

Short film made in 2017.

In 2020, the law condemns LGBT in the United States of America. The president decides to create places to heal this disease, called “The Cure”. In New York, Chief Doctor James Bloom cures them with a serum and some unconventionnal therapies.But one of his patients, Samantha, keeps fighting back.

I’ve always been fascinated by how our positions, acts, even if we truly think they are good, moral and on the right side, can lead to madness and destruction.
 In our world, one of the most representative is the acceptation of LGBT people. There are still countries where it’s illegal, where they’re banned, even in my country France, or here in the USA, it took years to help them have equal rights and their fight is not over. Especially when I see the conservatives raised up and trying to erase this progress, by the Authoritarianism.
Moreover, by making this movie, I want to pay tribute to one of my former friend, who has been forced by her father to go for months to a psychiatric hospital, only because she was lesbian. One of the hardest part was to see her father happy because he was convinced to do the right thing for her.

Official selections:

  • Short to the Point
  • Jersey Shore Film Festival
  • KAFFNY Film Festival
  • Southeastern International Film Festival (SIFF): Semi-finalist for best short film

Official Poster

Official trailer